When the Solar Plexis Chakra is blocked and dirty, you experience poor digestion or digestive disorders, fatigue, insecurity, depression, mistrust, lack of purpose in life.

When the Solar Plexis Chakra is clear you feel confident, zealous, calm, cheerful, and self respectful.  It also ensures that you are expressive about your feelings and that you are outgoing, flexible and can handle problems with a calm mind. 

The Solar Plexis Chakra is associated with our raw emotions, such as frustration, anger and intuition.  It is the center of energy for feelings of sensitivity and power.

Chakra #3 - Solar Plexis Chakra
(Name in Sanskrit - Manipura)

Location: Located directly below the sternum and over the stomach

Color: Yellow

Element: File

Crystals: Topaz, citrine, amber

Angel: Archangel Uriel

Function: Emotions, balance, resolving issues, actions and willpower, self respect

Qualities: Confidence, freedom of choice, self-worth, self-esteem, personal power