Martha is the mother of two sons, has a pet cat named Joey (aka - Handsome Guy), and two cockatiels named Hermenehildo (short name Herme) and Lalo.  Her hobbies are hiking, reading, learning about spirituality and  metaphysics.  As well as being a Reiki Practitioner, Martha is also the owner of a bookkeeping business, where she also provides notary and other business services.
Martha is the owner of Healing Light of Reiki, and is a native of San Francisco, born and raised in the Mission District.  Was raised by her mother and grandmother and has four sisters and three brothers, a total of seven siblings. 
Why did Martha decide to become a Reiki Practitioner? 

About Martha

Martha's Reiki Story

The following is a brief history of her journey.......... after going through various changes in her life, and through the advise and recommendation of her spiritual teacher/advisor, she had her first Reiki session.  Prior to having experienced this healing modality, she had never even heard of Reiki, and had no clue how this could help her.
This is how Martha describes her first Reiki session. "I felt peaceful, calm, serene and sleepy"
As curious as Martha is, and her desire to understand her experience, she searched the interent to find out anything and everything about Reiki, and ultimately had a deep desire to take the necessary steps to becoming a Reiki Practioner. 
Martha was attuned and received her certification to Levels I and II in 2012 and was attuned to the Master/Teacher Level in 2016.  In 2017, Martha also completed and attained her Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificaiton.